Optimize Your Crypto Portfolio With Automated Smart AI Trading

CoinCount™ uses Artificial Intelligence to automate trading and allocations of cryptocurrency through indexes.

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How to Get Started

Automating your crypto portfolio trades couldn't be easier!

Once you've signed into your CoinCount account, you can link your exchange account(s), view and add indexes of cryptocurrency assets to your portfolio for live trading.

Link Exchange(s)

Login to CoinCount, and securely link your cryptocurrency exchange account(s) such as Coinbase Advanced Trade or BinanceUS.

View Indexes

View the performance and crypto asset allocations of AI managed indexes.

Choose Indexes

Add indexes to your portfolio, set a budget, and watch paper trades occur in real time.

Enable Indexes

Enable your indexes for live trading and watch them execute trades in real time through your exchange account(s).

How it works

An end to end AI automation platform

The CoinCount platform automatically discovers cryptocurrency opportunities through market variations and patterns. It then trains AI models, and runs AI powered trading bots and indexes for those cryptocurrency assets. Once users add the indexes to their portfolio, CoinCount runs AI bots on their linked exchange accounts for automated trading.

AI Discovery

The CoinCount platform constantly monitors, and analyzes opportunities in hundreds of cryptocurrency assets in each exchange.

AI Models

When opportunities are found, CoinCount automatically starts and continously trains its own AI models for each asset and exchange pairs.

AI Bots

CoinCount creates and runs AI bot instances for each asset that are optimized to enter positions when it sees opportunities and exit positions when its strategy goals are reached.

AI Indexes

Collections of AI bots are created into indexes (crypto coin indexes) with specific goals allowing users to diversify their portfolios.

AI User Portfolio

When a user adds indexes to their portfolio, CoinCount creates their own instances of AI indexes and bots underneath obeying a user's budgets, fees, and settings.

AI User Trades

A user's AI bots, which are managed by the user's AI indexes perform trades through the user's connected exchange accounts.


Our Simple Pricing

Our pricing model is subscription based and varies depending on your portfolio size and volume.

About Us

Our goal is to help users easily automate their crypto portfolio

We are an entirely self funded startup with expertise and backgrounds building technology solutions for various industries. We are located in the US, and are passionate about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The CoinCount platform is currently in a closed Beta prior to our full production launch.

Daily Indicators Tracked
Daily AI Training Simulations
Live AI Crypto Asset Models
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Beta Sign Up

CoinCount is in closed Beta testing prior to our full launch.

Sign up, and we will let you know when your account is ready to go!